Photo: Reticent Moon

Each time I miss you, I miss him,

the man who’s conquered

my dreams

reaching for me in the dark,

bearing the stars that spark

in his eyes and an  eternal

flame of an esoteric love

in his heart

burning the carapace

of my selfdom, alluring wisdom;

His hands holding mine like

caressing a child

by not being too wild,

cueing each step I take

with a fall, to rise

on an excursion from

everything to nothing at all;

His smile bestrews my

vernal feelings with verve

waking my vagus nerve

healing all the pain

from this lifetime

and the past;



      I am dragged                      by the SALIGIAS,


closer I get by the

pull of your will,

molding me

still, to


gently towards

myself, towards him,

through the


of your




© 2015 Kavita G. Khanvilkar. All Rights Reserved.



You know I think….I think for others, for you and for me. Although while enduring this mechanism, my own thoughts keep me out of reach. I might be the final accomplishment on their list…

 Yes, I said ‘might be’, for I am not sure where do I stand with them, with you……

 Do you know the answer?

I am still deciphering this code.

 You are very adroit, but I won’t summon you to crypt-analyze… Don’t glare at me. To my eyes, you’re just a STRANGER.

Your eyes are grappling

for a single dimension of me,

but I am more than

what I appear to be…

I asked you once, “What object will you use to portray a soul? How will you paint a soul that is formless, shapeless and timeless?” You are still scavenging an answer from my ashes. 

And this is what you keep asking yourself, “Will I be able to trace her with my chaotic mind, and a body which is becoming a collage of ungoverned sensations?”

Listen scrupulously

to your inner concealed sea,

Search and Research yourself,

You will find me.


© 2015 Kavita G. Khanvilkar. All Rights Reserved.