“Your facts, your evidence, your inferences; where am I?” Truth asked.


© 2015-2016 Kavita G. Khanvilkar. All Rights Reserved.


One thought on “LOST TRUTH

  1. He says:

    Truth asked ? Truth is Truth, Truth don’t need any acknowledgement from any one.
    Guessing :
    But here, “I” want to express the truth what “I” had discover but from the mouth of “YOU” . . . here truth seems like “Newtons Law Of Gravity which is universally applicable” and “I” want to discover “Gravity of Earth(“I”) with “G”(Gravity of Earth [Context of I] ) Constant.
    Dear Truth is Truth, Everyone may experience it differently with their own context(Limitation/Boundaries of your own variables ) ! . . .


    Intentionally Complex 😉


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