Photo: Rajabai Tower, Mumbai, India

She wanted to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree from a reputed university, but this time, she was aware that her fascination with old structures drew her attention to this place.

After attending some boring lectures on the first day itself, she stepped into the Heritage Library. He was sitting by the huge wooden table, with a pencil and a diary. As she passed by his table, his writing was eclipsed by her shadow. Sudden distraction made him glare at her, accusingly. She was already looking at him. Their eyes met. It was a moment that even Einstein might have had never calculated in his great Theory of Relativity.

It was their first encounter with each other.

They were poles apart, when their souls collided.


© 2015 Kavita G. Khanvilkar. All Rights Reserved.



  1. cosmicyouandme says:

    seems its a part of reality or your own story, Isn’t it ?


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