Photo: Illuminati

And I fainted again

on the street

whilst trying to delete

a memory from the past

creating some space

for the present

that loves me


Alone, yet I was not lonely

amongst the others who

watched me as I fall

getting trapped by a spell

casted by that witch who

doesn’t want me

to reach my aim;

Sun was dancing in the sky,

thinking I might never rise

like him very high,

with no compassion

by teaching me a lesson that

if you want to be a rising star,

be different from the rest

burning yourself for the best

before moving on

from this temple to another;

And that’s all

I could remember,

except for the illuminated souls

making efforts to ignite me

in the darkness

of that trance

with a little chance of

me being able to

stand on my feet

to thank them all and

to greet with Namaste;

Sooner did my vision blurred

with a drop of tear

rolling down my cheek,

but a smile on my pale face

when I felt your touch

filled with grace

narrowing the distance

between the dark

and the dawn of my life;

At last you awakened me

to the truth

that this was not my fall

but a wake up call

as we are here

for the purpose to lift some,

if not all of our fellow beings

on this course to

sacred nothingness.


© 2015 Kavita G. Khanvilkar. All Rights Reserved.


2 thoughts on “FAINTED

  1. Thumbs up, Kavita! Very nice!

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