You know I think….I think for others, for you and for me. Although while enduring this mechanism, my own thoughts keep me out of reach. I might be the final accomplishment on their list…

 Yes, I said ‘might be’, for I am not sure where do I stand with them, with you……

 Do you know the answer?

I am still deciphering this code.

 You are very adroit, but I won’t summon you to crypt-analyze… Don’t glare at me. To my eyes, you’re just a STRANGER.

Your eyes are grappling

for a single dimension of me,

but I am more than

what I appear to be…

I asked you once, “What object will you use to portray a soul? How will you paint a soul that is formless, shapeless and timeless?” You are still scavenging an answer from my ashes. 

And this is what you keep asking yourself, “Will I be able to trace her with my chaotic mind, and a body which is becoming a collage of ungoverned sensations?”

Listen scrupulously

to your inner concealed sea,

Search and Research yourself,

You will find me.


© 2015 Kavita G. Khanvilkar. All Rights Reserved.


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